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Visral L.P., Founder
Evolution of the Operating System:
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  • Visral OE provides a protected environment and the resources for distributed applications to function across the cloud.
  • Publish your own Channels and allow Contributors
    Reliable & Secure Posts functionable as Email
    Maintain Content Control and Ownership
    Protect intellectual property & sovereign docs
  • Integrated with social media features, Visral offers a highly secure and advanced replacement for email. With the capacity for users to remotely host their own content and channels, and support for protected distributed processing, it provides versatile solution.
  • Puts control and ownership in the hands of the account holder, not a mega corporation.
  • Do you know were your data is? With Visral you do. Micro Social Media App, gives the user the power to host their own posts, photos, videos, channels, ...
  • With the ability to publish channels and allow contributors, the user controls the acceptability of content.
  • Only those on a follower list have the ability to receive and decipher the content of a user's posts.
  • Reliability, protections, and facilities support the alternative of using posts as a substitute for email. No spam. No phishing. No ransomware. No Bots.
SQXL, Founder
Statistical, Scientific, and Business Solutions / Python Operating Environment:
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  • Visral bridges between Python's powerful financial and scientific solutions and the interactive windows environment users have come to expect.
  • Intuitive enough for everyone to use. Powerful enough for the innovative to rapidly create and deploy custom solutions.
  • Bringing Clarity and automation to the tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks normally requiring concentration, intervention or memorization.
Calpont, Inc., Co-founder and Investor
Hardware Database Products:
  • Calpont's Database Platform was specifically designed to meet the high performance needs of large distributed access database applications. Calpont's technical foundation was in part based on algorithms that enable the efficient insertion and selection of very large amounts of weakly correlated data in compact arrays of memory. The resulting performance necessitated the creation of other speed matching components leading to such solutions as the hardware SQL engine.
  • Calpont SQL Manual More       Technical Guide More       Installation Guide More
  • Calpont database performance brief More
  • Calpont Hardware Engine Card

Agere, Inc., Stockholder, Board member and Consultant
Network Processors:
  • Agere was formed in 1997 with an 8 million dollar investment and a limited license to the ETAC patent. More Agere’s product line was based on an updated version of the original ETAC algorithms.

    Ten months later a second round was contemplated with the inside investors offering a 75 million dollar valuation. With an agreement to sell the remainder of the license to Agere for 2 million dollars, the inside investors agreed to raise their valuation to 150 million.

    By that time, 65 million in unsolicited investment offers were received and bids from two companies for approximately half a billion each. Fourteen months from its founding Agere was sold to Lucent for 440 million dollars. It was later understood that 1 billion had been set aside by one of the bidders for the purchase of Agere.

    Original product proposal. More      Agere press release. More
  • Netrake Corp., Co-founder and investor - Netrake was formed and funded at about the time Agere was sold. It utilized the Agere chip set as well as another set of memory performance algorithms to address recognition of the contents of high-speed network traffic. Netrake's customers including NTT, SBC, and Level3, were attracted by its ability to provide network integrity and service differentiation through content awareness.
Acceletek, Inc., founder
Consulting and Licensing of communications and other products:
  • Update design of 960 based Access Device and Concentrator to use EDO memory. [NetLink’s NetFRAD(AT&T FrameRelay Choice) and OmniFRAD series of products] More More
  • PCI based Modular multi-processor Engine (Used Altera 8452 and two 8820.) with 1.6 Gbps (64 bit main memory) of bandwidth for video server and comm applications with a PCI Master/Slave Interface constructed in single Xilinx 4006E; including Channel Connect and Ethernet daughter cards. [Connectware, Inc.]
  • Feed-forward and Adaptive Control System for Varian Ion Implanters (written in C) providing a 300 percent improvement over PID control . -- Required by INTEL in the manufacture of the Pentium Chip. [Varian Extrion] More
  • ATM Switching Technology; Entropy Switching. [Developed at the request of HP.] -- Performance verified at the HP Bristol Labs.
  • 960 based Bridge/Router and WAN Server [IDEA Associates’ RIAC board] with 2-8 Meg DRAM, Interleaved SRAM, CAM, FLASH, EEPROM, SCA, ISA... supporting “SNA, TCP/IP, Novell SPX/IPX, SNMP(MIB II), and RIP” with Ethernet, “Token Ring, and WAN HDLC/LAPB” with (RS232, X.21, V.35) interfaces. More
  • 960 based Integrated Access Device [BBN’s T10, Contracted April 24, delivered working prototypes which were shipped straight to end users mid August] with Dual 2-8 Meg DRAM Memories with Parity, up to 12 SCAs (24 ports), 4 Meg FLASH, EPROM, Serial Port, ISA... supporting “CCITT X.3/X.28/X.29 Async, 3270/2780/3780 Bisync, SNA/SDLC, TCP/IP(including ARP, BGP, EGP, ICMP, SNMP, SPF, Telnet, and TFTP), and Ethernet”, RS232, V.35, X.21 interfaces. More
  • 960 based Access Device and Concentrator [Amnet’s RSIC product line and NetLink’s OmniLinx series of products] with Single or Dual 960, 2-8 Meg Interleaved DRAM, 256K SRAM, up to 4 SCAs (8 ports), EEPROM, 640 Megabit Inter-board Packet Bus, ISA... supporting “Frame Relay, SNA/SDLC, Async, Bisync, X.25”, with RS232/V.24, RS530, RS449, X.21, V.35, “T1/E1-DS1”) interfaces. More More
  • Monitor and Development System for Communication Controllers; written in 960 assembly and C. -- Used for the development of the above products.
  • 960 Accelerator, plug compatible with the 960 providing Transparent Double-Buffering and DMAing. Increased host ethernet speed 50%. [Coral Networks, Inc.]
  • State Machine Compiler written in Prolog. Used in the design of other products.
  • Blood Gas Analyzer Process and Control System with software written in for 68HC11 in C.
  • VGA Enhanced Color Development System written in C.
  • Provided a custom high performance Acoustic Processing DSP Memory System design for speciality company in Cambridge Mass.
Obtek, Inc., founder
Consulting and Licensing of communications and other products:
  • Coral Acquisition, Corp., Shareholder, Consultant - Communication Products:
    ETAC based 32 Port High Performance FPGA Implemented Communication Controller capable of bridging and routing a million packets per second, supporting FDDI, Ethernet, Token ring, T1, etc. -- SynOptics purchased company to acquire the limited license to ETAC. Synoptics then merged with Wellfleet to become Bay Networks, which in turn was acquired by Nortel.
  • Developed new algorithms that reduced ETAC memory requirements by 60% and increased performance by 250%.
  • Two days following the purchase of Coral, HP call and asked for a presentation. The HP PA RISC group signed NDA and received a presentation of Obtek's technology. Over a number of months HP evaluated the incorporation of ETAC, but concluded the architecture differences would require many significant changes to their finely tuned designs.
  • Transferred rights to SynOptics at time of their purchase of Coral. The merger of SynOptics and Wellfleet to Bay Networks, permits Bay to use the license. The chairman of the board, Paul Severino, has announced to stock analysts that they will be using the technology in their next generation of products.
  • Sold limited non-exclusive license to Coral Acquisition Corp for use in bridging, routing, and switching equipment that primarily perform bridging, routing, or switching and are not end station. Can not be implemented as a standalone chip and must work as a slave.
  • Sold ETAC Evaluation Kits to AT&T, Nortel, Siemens, and others.
  • Developed a programming language to allow intuitive and rapid descriptions and parsing of protocols. Used with the ETAC Evaluation Kits and later in the Agere product development.
  • Developed ETAC (Executable Translation Array Coprocessor) and filed for patents. The patented algorithms that allowed the way data was stored in memory to significantly increase computational performance. More
  • Coral Network, Corp., Co-founder, Consultant - Communication Products:
    32 Port, 800 Megabit High Performance Discrete(FPGAs + PALs) Communication Bridge capable of 375,000 packets per second filtering and forwarding supporting FDDI, Ethernet, Token ring, T1, T3 and more. More
Cygic, Inc., founder
Joint venture with Intelligent System:
  • 20 MHz 80386 PC/XT converter/accelerator with 1 Meg of memory and BIOS. - “BIOS done by others” [QuadRam’s Quad386XT] More
  • 20 MHz 80386 MS/DOS-compatible Single Board Computer with screen and disk accelerators - “80% of BIOS done by others”
  • Tempest PC to 386 Adapter Card for Argonne National Labs
  • 10 Mips 8086 MS/DOS-compatible processor with BIOS (600 ic’s) — 25 Mips @ 33 Mhz in 1 micron silicon. More More More
  • 10 MHz 8086 PC/XT async accelerator with 32K/92K cache/image of DRAM, and async write-back.
  • 10 MHz 8086 MS/DOS-compatible Single Board Computer with hardware screen and disk accelerators - “80% of BIOS done by others” More
  • AT BIOS parsing for transparent cascaded multiprocessor operation.
  • XT and AT BIOS upgrades, and EMS and device drivers [written in x86 assembly]
  • PC/XT and AT EMS memory boards, and AT Multifunction/EMS boards [QuadRam’s Liberty-PC, Liberty-AT, and Quadboard-AT] More
  • The first EMS board and device driver to be demonstrated at Comdex; before Intel and Lotus, the authors of the specification could get a product produced.
  • Keysaver software Video/Multifunction board. [QuadRam’s Gold-Quadboard]
  • 9.54 MHz 8086 PC/XT synchronous accelerator with 4K static cache. [QuadRam’s QuadSprint] More
Emulogic, Inc., Co-founder, VP of R&D
Development System Products:
  • PDP11 based Universal Development System.
  • Interface Pods for 8086/88, 68000/10, 8085, Z80/NSC800, 8048, - (Z8001/2, 8080, 6809, 68C05E3/2, 6502 and its mutants, 8031, 68008, 68200, 80186/188, 9989, 8021 were completed by others). More More More
  • Table driven Universal Cross-assembler in PDP11 assembly.
  • Table driven Universal Cross-assembler Characteristic Tables for 8086/88/186/188, 8085, 8080, 8048/21, Z80/NSC800, 1802, 8X300, - (68000/10/8, Z8001/2, 6809, 6805, 8031/51, 68200, 9989, 6502 were completed by others).
  • Emulator monitor code for the following in their assembly: 8086/88/186/188, 8085, 8080, 8048/21, Z80/NSC800, 1802, 8X300, - (68000/10/8, Z8001/2, 6809, 6805, 8031/51, 68200, 9989, 6502 were completed by others).
  • Supplied custom emulator based on the MOS Technology 6507 processor to Atari game development.
Security Research Labs, Inc., Co-founder, Director of R&D
Engineering Services:
  • Ethernet to MultiBus II Controller Card. (Bus-Tek).
  • Single-board 8-loop PID controller with time and voltage proportional control, alarm, anti-windup, and non-volatile backup. (Gloucester Engineering).
  • Spread-spectrum, secure communication system for industrial process control. More
  • Continuous Coefficient-of-Variation specialised computer for real time textile fibre quality monitoring system.
  • Network and Circuit Design Program in C and Basic. -- Used to evaluate and automatically design RF Networks to match desired characteristics. More
  • Spread Spectrum Processor utilizing a code controlled varactor circuit in place of a xtal clock for the acquisition, modulation and demodulation of spread spectrum signals
  • Patents in spread-spectrum.
  • Imaging system and digital scanner for microfiche-to-COM recorder system
  • Keyboard processing subsystems for fast-food order entry. (Burger King)
  • Military fire control station.
  • Remote data entry and communication for oil fields.
  • Portable intrusion detection and alarm system for retail sales.
  • First low-power radio household warning and alarm system sold commercially.
Currier Smith, Inc., Stockholder, Director of Engineering
Security Products:
  • First digital dialer system on the market. Units installed in every MacDonald’s and Burger King in US. Resold under ADT name.
  • First cryptographic security system US Army was unable to defeat. Sold to major banks, gold refineries, and diamond houses.
  • Infrared disturbance detection system.
  • Various patents.
Northeastern University: Electrical Engineering, Student
  • Developed the algorithms for high speed computing of logarithmic and transcendental functions while working part time for Mathatronics. Provided the company with a major advantage over its competition. Became a standard in calculators providing those functions and in certain DSP applications. Information closest to the particular algorithms can be found under the name, Cordic algorithms.
  • The design activities of all listed products include the complete architecture, electrical engineering, programming, and debugging unless otherwise indicated. The ETAC Evaluation Kits and Acceletek listed comm products also included board layout and fab of prototypes quantities.
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  • Acceletek, Obtek, and Cygic were concurrently active.
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  • Entries in light grey indicate the described products were never commercialized.